Have you given your favourite summertime cooking tool a good clean yet this year?

Summer is here, which probably means your backyard BBQ has seen many a cook-out by this point in time. Have you given your favorite summertime cooking tool a good clean yet this year? It’s never too late to start, so here are eight simple steps to cleaning your backyard BBQ or grill.

STEP #1: Fire It Up
First, fire up the BBQ grill by turning it on high for 15 minutes. This will heat up any residue that may be stuck on grill grates. Take the grill brush and scrape any residue away, then allow the grill to cool down.

Step #2: Disconnect the Gas Source
Once the grill is cooled, make sure all dials are turned off and the gas source is disconnected, be it propane or mains gas connection. Make sure the grill is completely cooled down then proceed to remove the grill grates. For an additional step of precaution, you can wear protective gloves. Place the grill grates and the grill’s drip pan (once emptied) in a bucket of hot water and dish soap to soak for 10-15 minutes.

STEP #3: Clean Under Grill Hood
Grab some tin foil and loosely cover the grill heating elements to protect them from your cleaning efforts. Grab the grill brush or some stainless steel scrubbers and gently scrub the underside of the hood. You may see some residue that resembles peeling paint, but don’t be alarmed. This is a harmless buildup of carbon from all of that grill grease and smoke.

STEP #4: Scrub Grill Walls
Use the grill brush or that stainless steel scrubber and begin scrubbing the inside walls above the grill’s heating elements. Be aware that grill ash and debris will fall off, which is normal. Wipe down the grill walls with a damp cloth.

STEP #5: Clean Grill Grates
Now that the grill grates and drip pan have been soaking, remove them from the soapy bucket of water and give them a good scrub down. Grab the garden hose and rinse away any leftover debris and soap.

STEP #6: Replace Inside Parts
Remove the tin foil that was covering the heating elements and replace the grill grates and drip pan, not forgetting to add fat absorbers in pan. Then you will need to reconnect the gas source.

STEP #7: Clean the Cabinet
If your grill has a storage cabinet, wipe down the shelves and remove any additional dust or debris.

STEP #8: Clean the Exterior
Lastly, clean the exterior of the BBQ with a heavy duty non-scratch sponge or microfibre cloth so it sparkles and shines. For a stainless steel grill, use a cleaner made specifically for stainless steel and be sure to buff with the grain, not against the grain, using a microfibre cloth.

Bonus Tip: 

If you don’t have a BBQ cover or if you never use the one you have, consider changing your BBQ technique. Using a cover could reduce how often you need to deep clean your BBQ. Vented covers are the best, as they allow moisture to escape.

Your BBQ gives you and your family so many delicious summertime meals, so give it some love this season and give it a good clean.

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