Power Scrub Stainless Steel Scouring Pad 2-Pack

Article Number: 142332

STRONG & RESISTANT. Our metallic scouring pad is much more hygienic and five times more durable than a generic stainless steel spiral scourer.
Thanks to its soft sponge core, this scourer can easily be rinsed and is pleasant to touch.
Scrubbing steel pots, pans, BBQ grills and ovens can efficiently and comfortably be done with this pad.

Product Highlights

1. 5x More Durable*

The fabric mix of this scouring pad consists of polyester thread, steel wire, and polyurethane creating a special surface structure made of stainless-steel loops, which helps to maintains its shape and stay rust free. *This harmonious combination is 5x more durable than a spiral metal scourer.

2. Emphasised Hygiene

Vileda’s metallic scouring pad can be easily rinsed and cleaned thoroughly in clean tap water without remaining cluttered with hidden dirt particles like many generic steel spiral scourers often do. This makes our scourer more hygienic to use.

3. Efficient Scrubbing

Its highly abrasive, stainless steel textile easily lifts off food, stubborn stains, rust particles, burnt-in fat and oil or food residue.  Our specialist stainless steel scouring pad quickly scrubs the dirt away with ease.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Power Scrub metallic scouring pad

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Power Scrub metallic scouring pad

Tedious scrubbing feels never-ending. Do you find dirt crumbs, burnt-in food, splashes of fat and dirty rims on your stainless-steel pots that should be shining?
Getting rid of that stubborn dirt is not always easy. More often than not, it takes a while to clean your kitchenware and electrical appliances like ovens after food has been burnt or when you have forgotten to clean them. Make sure to use our signature metallic scourer to bring that well-known shine back into your kitchen! The soft steel loops won’t harm your gloveless hands and will reach between the spaces of your oven’s grids. Leave no dirt behind when using this comfortable cleaning tool to do your daily household chores. Plus, it is five times more durable than a generic stainless steel spiral scourer.

The rust-free material of these metal sponges should be cleaned and rinsed regularly in your sink. Water and detergent will permeate the rectangular metal sponge, making it sanitary and hygienic again. This means it is durable and reusable.

Our value pack of two items grants you a refill steel scourer to help you out when the initial metallic scouring pad is worn. Get rid of crusty dirt with our Vileda Power Scrub metal scouring pad completely, effortlessly and with only a few scrubs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Power Scrub is designed in a rectangular shape to fit into your hand like a conventional sponge or one of our cleaning cloths.
For your comfort and convenience, this is a double-pack including two efficient scourers for easy storage.
No, they will not. Our metal scouring pad will clean your pots efficiently without leaving scratches or damaging it.
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