Ansell Heavy Duty Gloves - Our Strongest Gloves in the Range

Article Number: 137626

The Heavy Duty Gloves are ideal for multiple heavy duty tasks inside and outside your home.

Ansell Heavy Duty Durable Gloves

Ansell Heavy Duty Durable Gloves

Ansell Heavy Duty all-purpose gloves are double dipped for extra protection. The multiple layers of natural rubber latex make the Ansell Heavy Duty Gloves almost twice as thick as standard household gloves. It is the strongest and most durable glove in our range.

Ideal for multiple heavy duty tasks such as workshop, DIY, cleaning bicycle chain, commercial dish washing and gardening.
Protect your hands from heat and cold. The black finish reduces the visibility of dirt and marks. Cotton lined for comfort, it absorbs sweat with added comfort when wearing.

Available in 3 sizes: M, L & XL. 1 pair per pack.

Ansell offers an extensive household glove range to suit all consumer needs. Be sure to protect the delicate skin on your hand by wearing Ansell Gloves whilst you wash the dishes or clean. Various linings offer improved sweat absorption and easy donning.

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You can find in your local Woolworths & independent grocery stores.
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