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The idea of what makes a home is both wonderfully big and beautifully simple at the same time.

To every single one of us home means something different. But to all of us it is something precious.
We at Vileda want to create a noticeable difference to how a home feels. For all people, who clean and wash, today and in the future.

Because home is not the same home when it is dirty.

TODAY - We care for your safety at home

TODAY - We care for your safety at home

As the leading global home care brand, we provide a broad range of products, which are made for one and only reason: to keep homes clean and hygienic and help make this task a little bit more satisfying. Or even more enjoyable than it used to be.

Today, where cleaning and hygiene at home gets a new meaning in our daily life, we – as Vileda - empathetically continue to concentrate on what we can do best: our expertise in cleaning that makes a difference to people.
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Our employees give their full engagement in all our countries and factories. Under the No. 1 priority to stay healthy in homes, offices, in production facilities or inside the stores, we try our best to deliver to our retailers, our hygienic Vileda products.  From mops and buckets, microfibre cloths, washable textile materials, protecting household gloves, dishwashing equipment and all the other cleaning products. 

Especially now. Home is a place to seek comfort, feel protected and gain strength.

We want to be at your service and answer your most topical questions like “how can I keep my home hygienic” or “how do I use disposable gloves correctly”, “can I wash my mop head in the washing machine and at how much °C?” or “can I disinfect my floors, when I have pets in the house?” See our Tips & Tricks and professional expert advices, which we summarised inside our “most important Hygiene rules” and we hope, we will be able to help you to keep your home a safe place Click here

Tomorrow - We strive to make your life easier

Tomorrow - We strive to make your life easier

We at Vileda will keep on searching and staying curious about what will shape cleaning in the future. We always strive for setting a new, better or more convenient standard in cleaning, that makes your life easier.

We were the first in the world to launch a floor cleaning tool that enabled hands-clean floor mopping with a built-in wringing system: the Vileda Mocio string mop and bucket. That has been a true innovation over 30 years ago. Since then, our cloths and sponges are among the most trusted products in the market, because their high quality shows in use. Internationally, our floor systems and electrical steam cleaners have been awarded with multiple product, ergonomics or design awards and our most recent vacuum robot range helps pet owners to dry-clean their homes.

With an eye on tomorrow, we want to continue this aspiration of forerunning. We are certainly not getting tired of new cleaning ideas, and are at the forefront when it comes to less waste and better use of materials and transportation.

These are examples of ingenuity, high durability, sustainability and performance in result. And, if you`ve ever used a Vileda product at home, you will feel the difference.

The refreshing feeling of cool tiles under your bare feet in the summer. Having a picnic with your kids on the living room floor, not caring too much about crumbs and spills. Dancing with white socks on the staircase up and down. Eating strawberries from the kitchen sink.

Enjoying your clean and hygienic home is what makes us happy.  Making your life easier is what we will continue to strive for, as we know that your home is your sanctuary.  

It feels great to feel at home.

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