Spin mop – the effortless cleaning solution

The spin mop and bucket systems from Vileda allow you to remove dirty and excess water before you continue cleaning.

All of our spin mop and bucket systems work the same: Place the mop into the wringer and push the pedal or handle to get it spinning. The spin-dry system allows you to clean floors with the perfect amount of water – easy and effortless. The bucket system also makes it easier to clean and adjust the dampness of your spin mop, making manual wringing unnecessary and thus, enables you to store the cleaning system away without getting dirt or water on your hands.

The Vileda spin mops have a special mop head, making it easy to clean corners and hard to reach areas, for example under a cupboard or couch.

The spin mop is a hassle-free and multi-purpose cleaning solution. Find the ideal model for your needs – purchase your Vileda spin mop and bucket system now!

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