Easy Wring & Clean Power 3in1 Spin Mop Refill

Article Number: 170005

Thanks to the innovative mix of microfibre with pad insert in the centre, this Power 3in1 mop refill provides +50%* more cleaning power in removing stubborn dirt. Plus, it removes over 99% of Bacteria with JUST water.* No need to use harsh chemicals to get a thorough clean.

This Power 3in1 refill is compatible with Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo Spin Mop, simply pull on the mop strands to unclip the head and mount the new/washed refill on the triangular red frame, just snap into each other and press lightly until you hear a click.

The new Power 3in1 refill is the ideal solution for those looking for deep and effortless cleaning. Composed of 2 types of  bicolour cords, microfibres string and central microfibre pad that guarantee maximum absorption and collection of hair and particles. The central pad gives it a greater cleaning capacity thanks to its microfibre composition and close contact with the floor. (*+50% more cleaning power in removing stubborn dirt vs. standard 2in1 Refill in laboratory tests.) 
Plus, it removes over 99% of Bacteria with JUST water.** No need to use harsh chemicals to get a thorough clean.

The triangular mop head provides a flexibility to clean hard-to-reach corners.

The Easy Wring & Clean Power 3in1 refill can be used on any hard floor, laminates, tiles, wood and even parquet. The amount of water present in the mop depends on how much pedaling to get the optimal humidity on the mop with the Easy Wring  & Clean Turbo bucket.

● Pad in the middle provides greater contact on the floor and 50%* more cleaning power, ideal for tiled floors and stubborn dirt
● Red power fibres for great particle pickup and white microfibre for strong absorbency
● Suitable for all hard floor types, including wood, laminate and tiles
● Machine washable

To ensure an optimal clean every time, remember to inspect your mop refill regularly, The durable mop head is machine washable up to 60°C within a laundry bag,  so you can keep your mop hygienic at all times and maintain its cleanliness, eliminating any remaining dirt. We recommended to replace a new refill once every season and always have a backup on hand. because with regular use, it may be wearing out and time to refresh.

*+50% more cleaning power in removing stubborn dirt vs. Power 2in1 Refill in laboratory tests.
**Research by an independent, accredited institute for microbiology & immunology.
Mop handle sold seperately. 

1. Deep Cleaning

It removes stubborn dirt thanks to the central mop pad, combining the best of a flat mop with a microfibre string mop. 

2. Extra Absorption 

100% microfibre white fibres have excellent absorption capacity, while the red power fibres provide 30% more particle pickup.

3. Machine Washable

This refill is machine washable at up to  60°C in a laundry bag, to be used time and time again.  



Central Flat Pad

Pad in the middle provides 50% more cleaning power, ensures a fast and thorough cleaning experience, especially on stubborn dirt & stains.


Microfibre Power

The microfibre is highly absorbent and easily removes fluids and oily liquids in one go. 


Easy to change refill

To remove: Grasp or step on the cord fibres and pull the handle with the red frame away from the mop refill head.
To replace: Line up plastic triangle on mop refill with red refill handle attachment, lightly apply downward downward pressure until you hear a 'click'.  

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