No time to clean?

No time to clean?

Spot cleaning tips to navigate a busy lifestyle
Moving into your first home and starting out in your professional career can be an exciting time – meeting new people, visiting new places and generally living your best life!
But nobody mentions the hard parts do they? How you stay on top of a job, social life, your health AND the housework!

Before you know it, all those ideas you had of living in an Instagram-ready apartment without a crumb in site can all too quickly become pipe-dreams.

That’s why we wanted to share some of our top tips. Whether it’s combating the cleaning before a party or how you stay on top of the housework when you work late, read on to find out how you can juggle cleaning without it taking over your life.

Working late?

After a long day at work often all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch your favourite box set. We’re not here to stop you doing that, but before you nestle into your favourite spot, set a 15 minute timer and give your house a quick blitz. Whether it’s hanging up that pile of clothes sitting on the chair (the chair that seems to have turned into a wardrobe); or cleaning out that draw you’ve been meaning to tackle for months – you’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve.

Your parents decide to pay you a surprise visit

You’re having a nice relaxing day when your parents call to say they’re in the area and want to call round to say hello. A lovely surprise, but your home’s a mess, ARGH!
First things first, collect up all of your dishes, wipe the sides using an All Purpose Cloth and give your floor a quick clean. For tiles and vinyl, try the SuperMocio 3Action Mop, the wide strip provides extra floor contact for an efficient clean – ideal when you’re on limited time.

Next give your bathroom a quick clean, wiping down the shower, sides and toilet. Put your overflowing toiletries into a box and temporarily tuck them away somewhere.
If you have time, give your living room a quick mop with the ProMist Max mop  – lightweight and with a swivel joint for easy use around furniture.

Hostess with the Mostest

It started off as a few friends coming for dinner, extended to a small gathering and before you know it you’re hosting a full blown party and haven’t prepared.
First things first, take 5 minutes to write a list of everything you need to do. Try to look around as if you’re a visitor to spot everything that they might.

Put any clutter, unnecessary items or fragile objects in a box tucked away upstairs, give your bathroom and kitchen a thorough clean and dust the main party room.
Clear out your fridge, recycling and bins and make sure you’ve got a bin in each room.

For that final touch, don’t forget to give your windows, surfaces and shower screen a wipe down. Try the Vileda Microfibre Cloth for a streak-free finish. Clean windows really do make all the difference!

The post-party clean up

Well that was fun – but look at the mess! Before you go to bed make sure you’ve dealt with any stains, the quicker you tackle them, the less likely they are to stay.
Once you finally arise in the morning, make yourself a nice cup of tea, put on some relaxing music and get to work. Collect your dirty dishes first so you’ve got clear surfaces to work with. Wipe down all surfaces and windows making sure you don’t miss any sticky spills.  Our range of Sponge Scourers make hard work easier, helping to get off any stubborn stains from your dishes or benchtops.

If you keep up by doing a little cleaning or tidying task each day, it will make it all less daunting come the weekend when time is of the essence to spend with friends and family.

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