Vileda ProMist Spray Flat Mop – It's always ready to go

Article Number: 158748

Vileda’s ProMist Spray Mop System is great for that  quick spruce-up between cleans, because it is lightweight and always ready to use; just spray and mop to bring your floors back to a sparkling state – no bucket required!

It’s perfect for everyday spills, on any indoor floor type.

Product Highlights

1. No Need for a Bucket

The Promist Spray Mop works without the need of a bucket and wringer, the water tank is included inside the handle.

2. Always Ready

The ProMist Spray Mop System gets your floors clean in no time, no need to add chemicals. When filled with enough water it is always ready to use, which guarantees maximum convenience. Perfect for those in-between cleans. Non-oil based cleaning solutions can be added if preferred.

3. Suitable for All Hard Floors

The ProMist Spray Mop System with microfibre cleaning pad is ideal for both in-between cleaning and thorough cleans. It can be used on any hard-sealed floor, including linoleum, vinyl, wood and laminate.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda ProMist Spray Mop System

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda ProMist Spray Mop System

The ProMist Spray Mop comes with a high quality, removable microfibre pad, which helps to pick up stubborn dirt and other particles on your floor. It is perfect for spontaneous and emergency cleaning, when you just need a quick, wet wipe over your floor. Ideal for that in-between clean.

The ProMist Spray mop comes with an integrated water tank in the mop handle, no need to wring excess water into a bucket. Simply fill it with water or with your preferred non-oil based detergent, pull the trigger to activate the fine spray, then you are ready to go! You have total control of how much water is sprayed on the floor, save time and effort!

The bucketless mop works without batteries. This premium cleaning system is suitable for any hard-sealed floor like linoleum and even laminate, wood, vinyl and tiled floors.

For your convenience, always ensure you have a spare, clean mop refill at the ready. The Vileda microfibre mop pad is machine washable at 60°C. So pop it into your washing machine for an easy refresh, to keep it hygienic and clean at all times, for that optimal clean.

Mopping has never been this easy!



Fast Powerful Cleaning

The mixed fibres microfibre pad features scrub zones guarantees a quick particle and dirt pick-up as well as thoroughly cleaning away grease and dust in one go. 


One-Click Activation

To spray a fine mist of water out of the mop, simply pull the red trigger at the top of the handle. Now you are ready to start mopping your floor.


Swift Maneuverability

The steady handle grants a firm grip and ensures easy and effective maneuverability to simplify your mopping process. Compact and lightweight enough to be used single-handedly, for ease of use.


Frequently Asked Questions

The flat mop is ideal for cleaning floor tiles, linoleum and laminate floors. However, the moisture of the pads is also suitable for parquet and wooden floors.
No, this flat mop solely relies on spray-technology. Activate it with one click and you’re all set to go. No batteries needed.
Use ONLY 2 teaspoons(10ml) of cleaning solution plus water to fill the intergrated tank. Do not use with oil based cleaning solutions including eucalyptus and essential oils as it may damage the spray trigger. You can buy any non-oil based floor cleaning solution in any supermarket.
Refills are available at selective Woolworths, Big W & Independent Grocery stores nationally.
To ensure an optimal clean every time, remember to inspect your mop head regularly, The mop head is reusable and machine washable up to 60°C within a laundry bag, so you can keep your mop hygienic at all times and maintain its cleanliness, eliminating any remaining dirt. We recommend to replace with a new refill once every season, because with regular use, it may be wearing out and time to refresh. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.
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