The floor can't be cleaner!


We know that creating a safe and comfortable home environment for your family is important to you - now more than ever.
Here is why Vileda Turbo can remove over 99% of bacteria with just water: 

Vileda microfiber mop heads are made out of millions of tiny synthetic fibers. When used with water, all of these tiny fibers trap and retain the dirt. They mechanically also pick up dirt and even bacteria, carrying them away without the use of harsh chemicals.

Nevertheless, you can use any cleaning solution of your choice when cleaning with a Vileda mop: 

  • 1 cap of detergent (30 ml) is enough for 5 liters of water
  • If your detergent contains alcohol (e.g. desinfectant), better use cold water, as alcohol evaporates in hot water
  • All Vileda mop heads are durable and can be washed up to 60° - 90° C
  • To clean and wash sustainable, we recommend having several refills for backup at home. Swap them frequently and wash all cleaning equipment separately from other laundry


Clean hands & clean home

Hand hygiene is an important key for a safe home.
Therefore, the VILEDA spin mops all allow for a hands-free cleaning.

The foot pedals on the VILEDA spin mop buckets allow a hands-free wringing.

Your hands stay clean and dry.
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