Vileda Super Size Durable Cotton Mop

410g mop head for fast and superior cleaning power! Ideal for big cleaning jobs. Made with special virgin cotton blend which does not leave fibres behind. Absorption and flexibility that have long been celebrated for deep cleaning and mopping! 
Ideal for tiled and vinyl flooring.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Super Sized Cotton mop

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Super Sized Cotton mop

This super sized durable cotton mop has a significant impact on the surface that you can cover before you start rinsing, with its wider head and longer yarn. It is an economical choice you can rely on, great for commerical and large surface areas.

The remarkable absorption and flexibility of the this mop make it a tool of choice to deep clean both smooth and more irregular surfaces, but also to wipe out spills and splashes, thanks to the superior absorbency cotton blend. Ideal for tiled or vinyl flooring.

Looped ends are designed to reduce linting and fraying which also easier to control into the bucket wringer.

For maximum cleaning performance, the mop head is also machine washable at up to 60 °C. To keep it hygienic and clean, simply pop it into a wash bag and your washing machine for easy washing.

Its telescopic handle means the height can be adjusted to suit you and good for cupboard storage. You can twist the handle up or down and counter-clockwise to your desired height.



Super Sized Durable Cotton Yarn Blend

Made with special virgin cotton blend with looped ends designed to reduce linting and fraying


Super Sized for greater floor coverage

410g yarn weight, not only super absorbent, it can also clean larger surfaces with each pass. Great for commerical use and large areas


Easy to change refill

Easy to change refills with screw head

Frequently Asked Questions

Never use fabric softener when washing mop heads, as it will damage the fibres and reduce cleaning performance.
To ensure an optimal clean every time, remember to inspect your mop refill regularly, The mop head is machine washable up to 60°C within a laundry bag, so you can keep your mop hygienic at all times and maintain its cleanliness, eliminating any remaining dirt. We recommended to replace a new refill once every season, because with regular use, it may be wearing out and time to refresh.
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