PUR Active Non-Scratch Viscose Sponge Scourer 2-Pack

Article Number: 108904

The powerful, yet gentle scouring sponge. Experience the scratch resistant, Teflon recommended Vileda Pur Active Scourer with viscose sponge for fast and thorough cleaning without damaging delicate surfaces.

Thanks to its anti-scratch technology, it is an excellent product that effortlessly removes stains and grease from your pans, pots, cups, tiles and other materials.

Product Highlights

1. Non Scratching Abrasive

The non scratch rippled abrasive layer of the scourer lifts up the dirt and removes it from all kind of delicate surfaces like pans or pots to get them perfectly clean without damaging them.

The only surface certified and recommended for use on Teflon® non-stick coatings on the market. 

2. Super Absorbent Viscose Sponge

Super absorbent cellulose sponge makes wiping
clean and drying surfaces quick and easy. 


3. Suitable for Delicate Surfaces

Our eco-friendly scourer with natural sponge can be used on delicate surfaces and almost all hard surfaces – first test on an inconspicuous area.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Pur Active Non-Scratch Sponge Scourer

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Pur Active Non-Scratch Sponge Scourer

This powerful and highly-absorbent sponge scourer recommended by Teflon® is the ideal choice for quick and efficient cleaning. 

The Pur Active Viscose scourer is three times as effective when cleaning dishes, tiles and other delicate surfaces as standard kitchen sponges. The super-absorbent biodegradable sponge used in the scourer makes it an excellent alternative to classic synthetic sponges.

Thanks to its special wave structured polyurethane coating, the Pur Active Viscose does not just scrub away the stains, but lifts the dirt to allow for a gentle removal. This makes it suitable for all kinds of delicate hard surfaces like like porcelain, glass or Teflon.

After a daily cooking session, baked food residue sticks to the bottom of pots and pans. Our scourers ensure a stainless removal of heavy dirt without scratching or damaging the surface. (Always test on an inconspicuous area first!)

Discover the excellent scrubbing power of our smart household essentials and buy your Vileda Pur Active Non-Scratch Sponge Scourer Now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Vileda Pur Active Viscose scourer is washable and can be reused. When the scrubbing power of the Pur Active Viscose does not meet your demands anymore, you can separate the green abrasive layer from the rest of the scourer, throw the green part away and compost the yellow sponge part, and use a new one.
No, unfortunately not. As parts of the scourer are made of polyurethane, you can only compost the sponge part of the Vileda Pur Active Viscose scourer.
The dimensions of the Vileda Pur Active Viscose natural scourer are 8.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 2.6 cm.
The highly-absorbent nature of the Pur Active sponge can handle even greasy stains and residue. However, we recommend using a reliable detergent with it.
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