Handi Dish Refillable Dish Handle

Article Number: 141797

Fill & Go with Vileda Handi Dish Refillable Handle, your must have kitchen companion. BPA Free.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Handi Dish Refillable Handle

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Handi Dish Refillable Handle

The Vileda BPA free Handi Dish refillable dish brush is the Handi way to clean. It makes dishwashing a breeze.

Handi Dish is your best kitchen companion for all your washing up needs with its refillable soap dispensing handle. Cleans all kitchen utensils with precision, no wasted detergent and the premium sponge with its rounded edges makes cleaning the smallest and the most difficult areas easy to clean. Great for everyday washing up needs.

Let Handi Dish do all the hard work. A must in your kitchen, with your extra refill always Handi.

  • Clip on handi refills the Newtwist™ way - No separation of handle and sponge during use
  • Ergonomic Handle - Designed to fit perfectly in hand
  • Handi Switch - Makes filling up easy and no detergent waste
  • BPA Free, Non-toxic - The plastic component of this product is free from Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Comes with a heavy duty scourer sponge, great for everyday washing up needs.

Product Highlights

1. easy to switch

The scourer's rounded edges allow clean utensils and tall glassware and with ease. Switch your scouring head with the New twist™ clip on system for continued hygiene.

2. Keeps hands away from hot water!

The ergonomic handle is designed to fit in hand. Handi Dish helps prevent hands & fingernails from getting in contact with hot water...making dishwashing a breeze.

3. Heavy duty scouring head

Perfect for heavy duty, all purpose dish washing. Refills can be purchase separately, so no need to replace the refillable handle. Non-scratch refills now available. 

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