Vileda Ansell Rainbow Nitrile Gloves 80-Pack - M/L

Article Number: 173823

Discover our latex-free coloured nitrile gloves, available in 4 different variations. Choose your favourite colour for any purpose and experience a sensitive touch due to the thin nitrile material. There is no need to wash your hands after wearing, since the coloured nitrile gloves are powder-free. 

  • Nitrile material: no latex, no PVC
  • 4 colours: pink, yellow, orange and green
  • Size M/L

Product Highlights

1. Latex-free and unpowdered

No need to wash your hands after wearing our colourful Rainbow gloves as they are powder-free. The comfortable fit and suitability for people allergic to latex make our nitrile gloves an ideal cleaning accessory for everyone. 

2. 4 different colours in 1 pack…Handy!

Choose the colour as you please for your occasion. The material and fit make our Rainbow gloves suitable for multipurpose use to protect your hands from dirt and dampness in/or outside your home.

3. Thin yet strong nitrile material

Our coloured gloves are made of nitrile rubber. Experience a sensitive and soft touch with our Rainbow coloured nitrile gloves.

Usage & Benefits


Nitrile gloves are ideal for people allergic to latex. They are made of nitrile rubber and are therefore as flexible as latex.


No need to wash your hands – our coloured nitrile gloves are powder-free but still grant the necessary grip.


Choose a different colour for every new use. The pack comes with up to 4 different coloured gloves suitable for multiple uses.

More Information on Vileda Ansell Rainbow Nitrile Gloves

Vileda Ansell Rainbow nitrile disposable gloves are latex, PVC/ vinyl and powder free. They are particularly suitable for light household tasks, DIY and gardening. 

Made of nitrile, these gloves are the ideal option for those with allergies to natural rubber latex.   

They come in a 4 colour rainbow mix of orange, pink, yellow and green - all in the one pack - to brighten up or colour code your usage applications.

In addition, when compared with latex and vinyl, nitrile material offers superior strength, puncture resistance and provides protection against common household chemicals. Fits either hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not recommend our Rainbow disposable gloves for food preparation. For food preparation, please use our Food Safe disposable gloves that are specifically certified for that purpose.
Due to two available sizes, the flexible and thin material as well as the beaded cuff, you can experience a nice and firm fit without slipping.
Nitrile is the perfect alternative material for people allergic to latex. It minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction. Our coloured nitrile gloves are tear-proof and disposable.
Our latex-free gloves are available in sizes S/M and M/L. The M/L size fits medium-sized hands as well as larger hands.
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