AttrActive Fresh Wet Disposable Refill 10pk

Article Number: 100947

Looking for anti-bacterial wet disposable wipes? The AttrActive Fresh wet refills is prefect for messy cleanups! Great for bathrooms.

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda AttActive Fresh Wet Wipes

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda AttActive Fresh Wet Wipes

The AttrActive Fresh Wet Wipes (10 pack) are extra large, soft, thick and double-sided wet wipes that clean all surfaces effortlessly. It can kill 99.9% of germs* and remove grease dirt and grime for fast and easy cleaning of all washable surfaces and floors, leaving your house clean and disinfected. Ideal for your weekly clean or for everyday touch up cleaning.

Excellent for bathroom cleaning where you require good hygiene, such as toilet seats, bench tops and sinks.

Can be used alone for wiping or can be attached to the AttrActive system head for floors, tile walls and ceilings. Fits with Promist System & Bath Magic Systems also.

Includes 10 wet wipes Size: 29cm x 26cm.
Always read the label and use only as directed.

*Such as E.coli and Staphylococcus.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vileda AttrActive Wet Wipe are made from Alcohol Denat 10.3%; Less Than 5% Non-Ionic Surfactant, Methycholoroisothaizolone/Methylisothiazolone, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane - 1, 3-Diol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Citric Acid and Perfume Lemon/Orange. Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin. Not for use personal use. Wash hands after use. Do not flush.
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