Microfibre Flip Flat Mop

Article Number: 159356

Flat head flips 180° which allows you to clean two times more surface area - clean further without stopping!

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Microfibre Flip Flat Mop

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Microfibre Flip Flat Mop

Give your floors an effective clean with Vileda Microfibre Flip Flat Mop! A great mop for any hardwood flooring, ceilings and walls. The 50cm x 14.5cm extra wide mop head can flip 180°, so allows you to clean two times more surface area – Clean further without stopping!

The Vileda Microfibre Flip Flat Mop features microfibre technology and power strips which remove stubborn and greasy dirt, excellent for hair pick up and providing you with a deep cleaning result. You can clean effectively with a dry or damp mop head. Not only is it easy to use, it gives a thorough clean. Can be used with just water, or additional cleaning liquids can be used if required. High quality mop refill pad is machine washable with its easy-to-change.

Its telescopic handle is extendable from 86cm to 145cm, so can be adjusted to suit your height needs as well as being great for cupboard storage. You can twist the handle up or down and counter-clockwise to your desired height. 



2 x Floor Coverage

Mop head is flippable to clean 2x the surface area so that you can clean further, faster.


Clean Hard to Reach Corners

Trapezoid shape head and 360° swivel allows for easier corner cleaning and maneuverability around furniture.

Midrofibre with power cleaner

Unique microfibre with power strips for deep cleaning, removes stubborn and greasy dirt, as well as picking up hair. Not only that, it is machine washable also for a perfect clean every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Vileda Microfibre Flip Mop is exclusive to Bunnings stores, please go to Bunnings website and check your local Bunnings store for stock availability.
To ensure an optimal clean every time, remember to inspect your mop head regularly, The mop head is reusable and machine washable up to 60°C within a laundry bag, so you can keep your mop hygienic at all times and maintain its cleanliness, eliminating any remaining dirt. We recommend to replace with a new refill once every season, because with regular use, it may be wearing out and time to refresh. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.
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