Vileda Ansell FlexFit Gloves

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Vileda Ansell FlexFit gloves are made from 2 materials: A breathable, stretch material that absorbs moisture and reduces perspiration, for drier hand for longer; as well as a palm and finger tips coated with foamed latex, for extra protection and grip. 

  • The fitted cuff prevents dirt/particles from getting inside the gloves, while providing an ultra comfortable fit. 
  • Suitable to use around the home, outdoors and at work.
  • Available in 3 sizes: S, M & L.

Ansell HyFlex Durable Gloves

Ansell HyFlex Durable Gloves

The HyFlex Multi-Purpose Gloves are made from 2 materials,
1) A breathable, stretch material which helps to absorb moisture and reduce perspiration, ensuring that your hands stay drier for longer, whilst having a comfortable fit.
2) Palm and finger tips coated with foamed latex to provide extra protection and grip. 

Ansell HyFlex Durable Gloves feature a fitted cuff which helps prevent dirt and particles from getting inside the glove which also provides an ultra comfortable fit. Suitable to use for a variety of tasks around the home, outdoors and at work - you'll be impressed by their versatility. 

1 pair per pack Available in 3 sizes: S, M & L.

Ansell offers an extensive household glove range to suit all consumer needs. Be sure to protect the delicate skin on your hand by wearing Ansell Gloves whilst you wash the dishes or clean. Various linings offer improved sweat absorption and easy donning.

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