Vileda Ansell Poly Single Use Disposable Gloves 50-pack

Article Number: 142111

Vileda Ansell Polyethylene Disposable Gloves are suitable for a range of tasks including food preparation, household cleaning, hair dyeing and painting. These gloves are free from natural rubber latex therefore suitable for people who suffer from latex allergies.

  • Ideal for jobs that need frequent glove changes
  • Powder & Latex free
  • Lightweight

Ansell Poly Disposable Gloves

Ansell Poly Disposable Gloves

If you need to frequently change your gloves, Ansell poly single use glove is your best choice.
Embossed Poly Gloves are inexpensive, easy to put on and take off. The embossed surface provides a better grip whilst wearing them. These disposable gloves are perfect for general purpose use around the home or workspace, sanitary food handing, packaging, and food processing. It is widely used in the catering industry, restaurants, baking shops, cafes, hotels, school cafeterias, hairdressers, pet care, hospital clinics, food factories, experiments, and other commercial life occasions. They are great too for DIY yourself hair dyeing.

They're food-safe and prevent contamination when preparing foods or you can use them to protect your skin when cleaning.

Ansell Poly Disposable Gloves are powder free and suitable for people who suffer from natural rubber latex allergies.

One size fits all and fits either hand. 1 pack contains 50 gloves.

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