Handy Clean Disposable Gloves - The Hygienic Way to Protect Your Hands

Article Number: 152179

This multi-purpose single use glove is ideal for light household tasks and provides maximum sensivity.

Ansell Handy Clean Disposable Gloves

Ansell Handy Clean Disposable Gloves

Ansell Handy Clean single use gloves are the hygienic way to protect your hands, surfaces and food from contamination. These multi-purpose gloves are ideal for handling and preparing food, hair dyeing, dirt removal, light garden work or for those messy jobs around the home.

The soft flexible natural rubber latex glove protects and provides excellent comfort and fit with a sensitive touch. Power free, eliminating the need to wash hands after use.

One size fits all and fits either hand.

Available in packs of 24, 50 , 100 & 120.

CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some people. For those who are concerned about sensitivity or allergies to natural rubber latex or intend to handle chemicals, Ansell Heavy Duty or Ansell Multi-Sensitive single use gloves may be a suitable alternative. NOT FOR MEDICAL USE.

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