Microfibre 100% Recycled Cloth 3-Pack

Article Number: 168311

The Vileda Microfibre recycled cloth is a microfibre cloth made of 100% recycled material, which makes it an environmentally friendly solution for your household cleaning.

  • 100% recycled microfibre cloth
  • Made from recycled PET bottles
  • Sustainable cleaning cloth
  • Fantastic cleaning performance
  • Excellent and streak-free results
  • High absorbency thanks to the 100% microfibre material

Where and how to use the Vileda Microfibre recycled cloth

Where and how to use the Vileda Microfibre recycled cloth

The Vileda Microfibre recycled cloth is ideal for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom as well as the whole apartment. The microfibres remove dirt without any effort. Even grease and small crumbs are no problem for the cloth. It can be used without any cleaning agents and ensures ideal cleanliness even with water alone. The tiny microfibres pick up dirt easily. Choose the more environmentally friendly option when it comes to Microfibre cloths and buy the Vileda Microfibre recycled cloth now!

Product Highlights

1. Recycled Material

The cloth is made of 100% recycled material that mainly comes from PET bottles which makes the cloth a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option for your cleaning.


Excellent cleaning performance

The recycled cloth easily and reliably picks up spills and dirt, and leaves your home sparkling clean.


High absorbency

Thanks to the microfibre, the cloth is extremely absorbent and reliable even when large quantities of water or liquids are involved. Therefore, it is also very suitable for cleaning the fittings and leaves them streak-free clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

The new Vileda Microfibre recycled cloths are made from 100% recycled plastic material. The recycled material mainly comes from PET bottles.
Yes, the cloth is very environmentally conscious thanks to the 100% recycled material. The microfibre structure makes the cloth very absorbent and cleans dirt and spills reliably without cleaning agents.
Just like the other microfibre cloths, the 100% recycled microfibre cloth is machine washable at up to 60°C. Please do not use any fabric softener.
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