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30 Day Declutter Goal

30 Day Declutter Goal

Have you heard of the newest decluttering trend? The 30 Day Get Chucked Challenge provides a system you can follow for getting rid of the clutter culprits.

Simply select one item to throw away on day one of the challenge. Then on day two, select two items and throw them away. Day three is three items, and so on until you have reached day 30 and you throw out 30 items that day. 

This gradual approach means that, by the end of the month, you will have thrown away 465 items cluttering up your home! It sounds like a lot, but I am sure most of us have this many and more objects we don’t use or need.

But you don’t need to only throw the items in the bin – feel free to re-gift, recycle, or donate them. They just need to be out of your house each day, none of this ‘tomorrow’ business!
The real appeal of this clever approach to decluttering lies in the slow yet consistent approach. We all know that rapid fire decluttering can lead to some bad decisions and ‘chucker’s remorse’ (the opposite of buyer’s remorse!). So instead taking a considered approach that gives you the time to think about and sort through what you have and decide what to do with it is much less painful.

The challenge even has its own hashtag - #30DayGetChucked – so why not take photos of what you’re getting rid of and upload them to your preferred social media each day to keep you motivated and even connect you with others doing the same? Who would have thought that cleaning has gone social!

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So go to those drawers, cupboards and shelves and get decluttering.
Some useful tools you might need for your decluttering kit are:

  • Rubbish bags (to chuck it all in)
  • Rubber gloves (who knows what you might find!)
  • Duster (because dust gathers quickly around unused items)
  • Microfibre Cloth (remove any remaining dust and dirt on items or areas)

Tell us, have you started the 30 Day Get Chucked Challenge? Have we inspired you to start?

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