Actifibre Soft Universal Cleaning Cloth 2-Pack

Article Number: 171814

Get to know our new Vileda Actifibre Soft Universal: This soft coated microfibre cloth makes cleaning more convenient as it offers you the 2in1 advantage – it cleans and dries your surfaces in just one wipe. Next to its microfibre cleaning power, you will be amazed by the great absorption power and, thanks to its PU (polyurethane) coating, how easily dirt particles can be rinsed out. Use it all around your home and convince yourself by those amazing cleaning results.

  • Soft touch
  • Pink and grey colourways 
  • Machine washable

Product Highlights

1. Microfibre cleaning power

With its microfibre cleaning power, Vileda Actifibre Soft Universal cleans even greasy dirt using water only, no need to use chemicals.

2. Maximum absorbency

Thanks to its fine microfibres, this universal cleaning cloth has a high absorption power. Wiping down wet areas like your sink or shower after use will help to prevent the build-up of mold and limescale.

3. Dry and streak-free finish

In only one wipe, Vileda’s Actifibre Soft Universal PU coating leaves your surfaces clean and dry. This 2in1 advantage makes your life more convenient. As a result, you will have a streak-free finish even on the shiniest surfaces.

Cleaning your surfaces with the new Vileda Actifibre Soft Universal cloth is convenient and efficient. You can use it damp for any kind of household-chores and all around your home: in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Dirt and streaks will have a hard time. Thanks to its 100% microfibre cloth fabric with PU (polyurethane) coating, maximum cleaning power and absorbency are guaranteed. You will experience a dry and streak-free finish – even without the use of chemicals. Moreover, wiping over the same surface twice – first wet, then dry – is not needed anymore. Save your time, energy and the money you spend on whatever other cloth you used for drying it up.

The 2 pcs. pack contains two appealing cloth colors: light pink and grey. This way you can use one color for example for the bathroom, the other for the kitchen, avoid cross-contaminations.  

The Vileda Actifibre Soft Universal cloth is long-lasting and durable. It can be used again and again, simply pop it in the washing machine along your daily garments at up to 60 °C when dirty. Do not use with softener, chlorine bleach or on hot surfaces. Wash it with similar colors.

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