Vileda 3in1 Heavy Duty Form Scourer 2pk - 3 layers; 3 features!

Article Number: 119920

Traditional abrasive + absorbent sponge + microfibre = Cleans all smooth surfaces thoroughly, quickly and efficiently.

Product Highlights

1. 3 different features in 1 Scourer

This innovative abrasive sponge contains 3 functions in a single product:
1. The green scourer fibre cleans and removes the most stubborn dirt,
2. The yellow sponge absorbs spills,
3. The blue microfibre side degreases the greasiest dirt and removes streaks. 

2. Convenient to hold

Its particular shape offers an optimal grip.

3. High Quality

Long lasting due to the use of high-quality materials, as well as a special method of gluing the abrasive and foam rubber, the abrasive does not crumble or flake off the sponge. 

The 3in1 Heavy Duty Foam Scourer is an innovative abrasive sponge that contains 3 functions in a single product:
3 different layers, 3 different features.
1. Microfibre to remove grease: The Microfibre side removes dirt, grease and streaks with little to no need for chemicals.
2. Sponge to wipe up spills: The foam sponge absorbs water leaving surfaces dry.
3. Scourer for gental cleaning: The heavy duty scourer effectively lifts even the most stubborn dirt.

The ideal product for cleaning the kitchen and work surfaces, such as countertops, kitchen apron, plumbing fixtures, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can if not cleaned properly after each use and left to dry, sponge may get an odour. If you cannot get rid of odour, its time to replace your sponge.
It depends on the toughness and intensity of the dirt, leftovers and grease of your surfaces or dishes. We suggest throwing away your tough sponge and replace a new one once a month. However, how often you clean the sponge affects its durability as well. Bear in mind that a porous and dirty sponge may cause scratches. The bacteria population will rise as well. We also have anti-bacterial sponge scourer available, since it is resistant to bacteria, it also stays hygienically fresh for longer.
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