Ansell Multi Sensitive Disposable Gloves - the skin friendly gloves

Article Number: 142122

Latex free, making them ideal for sensitive hands.

Ansell Multi-Sensitive Disposable Gloves

Ansell Multi-Sensitive Disposable Gloves

Ansell Multi Sensitive gloves are made from nitrile and are latex free, making them suitable for people with allergies to natural rubber latex which is the main cause of allergies.

The popular purple disposable glove is made of resistant nitrile, which increases flexibility and touch, and offers increased tear resistance, maximum feel, as well as resistance to oil and grease, making it ideal for the preparation of food.

Latex free disposable gloves to protect your hands from messy jobs around the home & work. They are also powder free for eliminating the need to wash hands after use and reduce allergy risk.

One size fits all and fits either hand.
Available in a pack of 20 & 100.

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