Vileda Duactiva – Anti Dust Broom

Article Number: 161828

With the combination of its special bristles and no-dust foam section, the Vileda Duactiva anti-dust broom collects all kinds of dust, dirt, hairs and particles in one sweep - even on uneven surfaces.

Product Highlights

1. 2in1 Sweeping

The Duactiva anti-dust broom combines a soft foam layer with firm synthetic bristles to collect all dirt in one sweep for a satisfying, thorough cleaning result.

2. Telescopic Handle

Thanks to the telescopic handle included, our anti-dust broom is a smart cleaning tool for people of all heights. Adjust the length of the telescopic broom within the range of 75 – 130 cm for easy to store and individual handling.

3. No Dust Raising

As well as its bristles, the Vileda Duactiva broom has a foam strip, which does not only gather the dust on smooth surfaces, but also creates a barrier that prevents it from spreading.

MORE INFORMATION on the Duactiva anti-dust broom

MORE INFORMATION on the Duactiva anti-dust broom

Do you want to thoroughly dust your home instead of merely spread around dust particles? The foam section of the anti dust broom is constructed to efficiently pick up even the finest dust. With its smart design, the Vileda Duactiva anti-dust broom combines two functions in one broom to ensure an optimal cleaning result in one sweep.

The bristle side gathers up dirt, bigger particles and hairs, whether your own or your pet’s, on even or uneven surfaces. The foam side collects fine dust and is a barrier to dust raising on smooth surfaces. The foam strip is removable and can be rinsed with water easily to clean it from all the dust collected. This guarantees efficient brushing of PVC, wooden and tile flooring as it uses its full sweeping surface both ways.

It also comes with an adjustable handle for ease of use, as well as rubber bumpers to protect your furniture and walls to prevent any possible scratching.

Sweeping your home in depth has never been easier and more thorough than with the Vileda Duactiva anti-dust broom, so take advantage and buy this smart cleaning device now!



Angled Tips

The Duactiva anti-dust broom has hardened, angled tips which protrude from the foam so you can easily reach corners, edges and narrow spaces.


Removable Anti-Dust Barrier

To clean the foam of the indoor broom, simply slide off the foam section, rinse it with water and let it dry off before using the anti dust broom again.


Furniture Protection

The Vileda Duactiva’s rounded edges have soft rubber bumpers to prevent damaging your furniture, walls or doors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can combine the broomstick, as well as the broom head, with all standard brooms with a screw thread.
The broom head of the Vileda Duactiva anti dust broom has a width of 33 cm.
The Vileda Duactiva anti-dust broom is suitable for all indoor hard floors like laminate or tiles like kitchen, dry bathroom, hair salon or cafes floors. We offer a Traditional Millet Broom which is ideal for outdoor use.
Recommended broom position depending on the floor type: - Tiles: bristles first.Wooden - Floors: foam first
This Vileda Duactiva Sweeping Broom is exclusive to Bunnings stores, please go to Bunnings website and check your local Bunnings store stock availability.
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